17 July 2016

Twenty Years

1996 was a very pivotal year for me. I attended a week long video presentation of Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life workshop. This put together a lot of stuff I had come across previously and introduced me to quite a lot of new material.

He introduced a very different view of history based primarily on the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. He also talked about A.H. Almaas's explanation of how we get drafted into ego-land during our early childhood. I found Almaas's book "The Pearl Beyond Price" fascinating,

During that week there was some discussion about a work that was to become the major influence in my life: "A Course in Miracles".

Since then I have read the Textbook and Manual for Teachers numerous times and done the Workbook lessons twice. Yes, I am stubborn, and it takes a long time to undo my attachment to ego-land and all its illusions. Now I cycle through Lessons 221 to 365 on a continuous basis to keep me reminded of who and what I truly am and where and when I really live.

A Course in Miracles emphasises again and again that I am as God created me and as such I have no need to be concerned about this world, or the ego's interpretation of what it thinks is going on. Ego-land is hell. Based on fear, guilt and anger, we'll stay stuck in it until we change our thinking.

There is a 'world beyond' this world that we can enter. To do this, we start looking at this world through Love and Peace. Beyond ego's insistence that we are all guilty, we are all, in fact, perfectly innocent. As God's creation, how could we be otherwise?